CBD Hemp

We carry only the best CBD products. We only carry manufacturers that can provide Authentic DEA approved testing and practice the safest manufacturing practices in the industry. Resulting in the purest, safest and legal products.

Phatty's E-Liquid

Our house brand Phatty's E-liquid is beyond compare to any other liquid on the market. With multi-level complex flavoring for the best flavors available anywhere. Phatty's has also started the PMTA process and has been submitted to the FDA for review.

Premium E-liquids

Here at Euless Vapor we feel it is extremely important to support brands of the highest quality and that follow FDA standards for labeling and quality.

Vapor Devices

We only carry the best and proven safest devices the market has to offer. We feel it is important to start supporting device manufacturers that are beginning the FDA PMTA process for devices. 

Hardware on Sale

Sigelei T150 $89.99

Now $45.00 

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Booze Cream is a gentle combination of real top shelf liquors blended gently with the freshest ingredients to create top shelf liquor infused ice cream flavors.

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Phatty's E-liquid
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